Minute(s) Master

Let your phone listen to a meeting and make the minutes per 1click.





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  • Tired of endless protocol writing at tight deadlines?

  • No more spending of extra 30min after all are gone?

  • Do not forget any important comments!

  • Exact wording, just a few corrections!

  • Send the notes out 1 min after meeting ends to all particpants by email!

  • Push the notes to a central archive in seconds.


How does it work?

Your phone will listen to your meeting. All recognized words are stored. There are dependencies as people have to speak not too fast, also not all at the same time. Same as you do, your machine will be also be confused. Here you have to later edit the text which gives a start, but better than a plank page. But especially for 1:1 and small groups, the tool is very convenient and is much fun. Try it out!


Currently people are often preparing minutes the hardway. New technology is not embedded in old processses. Once available it is expected that each day many new users will sign up for the app.
For private users it is free, only for companies there is an advanced version with a charge. Also this one gives good value for money. If you disagree please let us know.